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  • In 2007, Brazore Ltda., an Adriana Resources subsidiary, purchased a strategic development site to construct an iron ore port facility

  • Preliminary Environmental, engineering and socio-economic studies completed in September 2009

  • Environmental, engineering and socio-economic consultants have been contracted to complete all documentation and permitting issues

  • Potential construction of port facility will take an expected 18-24 months to complete

  • Permitted to develop Port to handle 45 Mtpa iron ore
Competitive Advantage

  • Port site located approximately 70 kilometers west of Rio de Janeiro in Sepetiba Bay on the coast of Brazil has direct access to the extensive railway and transportation network

  • Port will provide iron producers access to global steel markets and minimize the iron ore export bottleneck in Brazil

  • Strategic partners Worldlink Resources Ltd and Athena Resources LLC

  • Opportunity to develop strategic working relationships with significant number of independently owned iron ore mines, along with iron ore deposits and mines recently purchased by major mining companies, who have limited or no access to port facilities

  • Urbanization, globalization and industrialization within China, India and other emerging countries indicates the need for increased iron ore export capacity

  • Iron Quadrangle, located in Minas Gerais State in Brazil, provides access to some of the largest untapped iron resources in the world
The Company has purchased a total of 857,575 square meters of land on the coast of Brazil for the development of an iron ore port facility. The Company has developed key strategic relationships and established a world-class team of mining, port engineering, shipping and iron ore trading professionals to assist in advancing the Brazilian iron ore strategy. Adriana has commenced the engineering and permitting required to develop a port facility initially capable of handling up to 20 million tonnes per year of iron ore, ramping up to 50+ million tonnes by year five through the accelerated development of a deep water port facility.

Adriana's strategic relationship with Seabulk Systems ("Seabulk" - and WorldLink Resources Ltd. ("WorldLink" - has created a vertically integrated alliance for the delivery of iron ore from Brazil to China and Europe. Seabulk, a world leader in the development of large scale bulk mineral systems, port development and shipping solutions will be a key manager in the construction of the STV's and development of the Brazilian port facility. WorldLink, a private Chinese based integrated trading and shipping company, engaged in the import and export business of iron ore, coal and other dry bulk commodities will assist in the shipping of iron ore to China and in the development of off-take contracts with the end users in China, Asia and Europe.

Adriana is well positioned to capitalize on the restricted and captive iron ore market by offering a short and long term solution to the current and future Brazilian iron ore miners and end users, noting all existing port facilities are running at full capacity. Adriana plans to provide the solution to transport iron ore from within Brazil to China, Asia and Europe to meet the surging demands for iron ore in the steel industry. The majority of iron ore that will be processed through the port is anticipated to originate from the Iron Quadrangle region of Brazil, which is situated just north of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and contains some of the largest and highest grade underdeveloped iron ore deposits in the world.

Iron Ore Projects

The Company is presently evaluating iron ore projects based in Brazil with a view to obtaining an interest in iron ore development projects or mines.

"We recognized an infrastructure opportunity in Brazil for an independent iron ore port facility to capitalize on the restricted market of the many small and medium size iron producers located in the State of Minas Gerais. Our goal is to secure a strategic land position on the coast of Brazil where we would have direct access to the extensive railway and transportation network that joins the vast mineral resources of Brazil. We have now secured the strategic land position and have established a key relationship with Seabulk Systems who will assist us in port development. This is a milestone for Adriana and a stepping stone to building a Brazilian iron ore producer and mineral transportation company," stated

Allen J. Palmiere, C.E.O. of Adriana.

"We believe Adriana's iron ore port site acquisition is a strategic entry point into Brazil's rich iron ore industry. In turn WorldLink will be able to assist in delivering iron ore to our contacts throughout China, including some of the largest steel mills in the world," stated

Jian Ming Jimmy Wen, Principal of WorldLink.

"Surging demand for metals, specifically iron ore, in rapidly developing countries such as China and India has created some of the best infrastructure opportunities in recent years. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with Brazore," stated

Sid Sridhar, President and CEO of Seabulk Systems Inc.

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